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  1. o7 to all those that are resigning. :sadge:

  2. I kinda wanna join some cool RP

    1. Wade


      Join the RP I put in SCP Chat RP

  3. SteamID - STEAM_0:1:104782176 Discord - Hypixel007#7059
  4. Damn, These badges kinda late XD

  5. so people were looking at my profile once again even tho im inactive but hey, How are you guys? I'm just going into the SCP RP Server rn

  6. User in your channel has been Kicked from the Channel

  7. I wish there was more people like you. 


  9. Might return in the future 🤔

    Fresh start and all that >:) 

    But for now, im vibing ✌️

    1. Jason


      ill see you when you return!

  10. Its 3am, I'm going Sleep

  11. I cant believe this guy ACTUALLY likes me kinda cringe, also a weeb

  12. I'm going to sleep, React if you enjoy Sleep

  13. Trying to buy the Oculus Quest 2, But it keeps on running Out Of Stock

    1. Flurp


      Might wanna wait till after Christmas sadly

    2. Hypixel


      I got it ordered Boiiiiiis, Should be coming Next Friday

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