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  1. In my questionable medical opinion i diagnose you with "Good RP'er" & "Great Person" -MO 1LT Lokie Pokie
  2. Tik,Tik,Tik,Tik,Tick -Kane
  3. welcome to atlas partner here you will find strange & weird anomalies as you venture through...THE ATLAS SERVERS
  4. bruh imma heal u so much u obtain immortality so when u want to die IC u cant -MO 2LT Lokie Pokie
  5. Welcome to medical i hope you have a fun time at our cu- i mean branch. I've read your suggestion but i suggest that you place that within the "suggestions" part of the SCP-RP forums.
  6. Welcome! We or I at least hope you enjoy your stay at the server
  7. Welcome to Atlas SCP RP! You will see some cool & fun stuff then completely forget it due to amnesthetics. - Lokie Pokie
  8. It's a pleasure to meet and train you for 2 hours+, Keep up with dat med rp!
  9. lokipokie1


    don't tell anyone this but you have potential!
  10. Don't worry soldier know that I Lokie Pokie suffer anxiety and yet i have made major accomplishments with people supporting me and each other "Make today your best day and tomorrow EVEN BETTER!" -SSGT CM Lokie Pokie, yelling and scaring d-class in medbay
  11. Welcome comrade! Trick of the trade "Have fun with everyone!"
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