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  1. Hello. My name on SCPRP is Viktor Dragonuv. I just started yesterday. I was not aware of the rules and I was banned of saying the r- word. When the father stuck me into the wall, he literally made me cry. I asked him where to look for the rules and he wouldnt even tell me. I explained that if I was aware i couldnt say the r-word obviously i would not of said it. he was extremely rude to me and i believe i deserve a warning and not a BAN. keep in mind I just started. thank you for your time

    1. Katsu


      Please follow the format and make a ban appeal.

      My team and I will review it when it comes up.

    2. ViktorDragonuv
  2. vote british chimp aka me >:)
  3. Forum Goal: Reach the most Followers 🥶

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    2. JaJa


      I'll help with getting the most followers 

    3. Dog With A Blog

      Dog With A Blog

      thas why yo shoes raggedy

    4. Witchings


      Allow me to help with that 😄

  4. Hey guys, just updated my About Me section, and added some personal achievements of mine I thought I would never reach, and things I worked hard to reach.  I also added the video that made me join the server, and more interesting things, enjoy!

  5. review epic cmdr fox app 🙂


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