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  1. Ima try to figure out this vr thing so I can come on the server more frequently for some Gooning

  2. Crow Moment (But no brody is sad day)
  3. Ok so my original post did not go to plan,  I do miss playing on the server but really there not much to do lately in my POV I have been like grinding the hell out of a fallout server which for some reason one of the old Ci high command are there as well, but man Gameplay wise on the server not the greatest but can be really fun in some positions such as dealing with scp breaches CI RAIDS and more, but this server is not really that much into gameplay but is more of the community cause I Swear to my beliefs this has to be one of the best community's I have ever found, and that's why I played for so long, I have to admit the clone wars on the other hand is really fun playing a trando because messing with Clone troopers is like some the funniest stuff, including I have been on the server for about a year and seen so much change and it makes me feel like an old man when I'm only 15, sure I know that scp rp will never have the loot system again (if it did I would play the heck out of it) but its fun to show up and see how old friends are doing. On the end note I'm glad I encountered this server in the first place even if I don't play that much on it still. PS (Sorry for the grammar issues)

  4. glad to be back

    1. Joseph Box

      Joseph Box





  5. Engineer Gaming

  6. My first horribly edited video


  7. Waiting For my forum and wiki staff app be like 

    1. Hypixel


      Yeah, Mal is busy

  8. When that new military rp thing comes out I hope there is a citizen class

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