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    Update! 4/24/2021 - The "Watch"

    Updated Rank + New Grudge Trophy

    The Relation Meter - +Roadkill

    Start of a Journal - +The Watch

    After getting a watch strapped to my hand wrist, I felt a start of journal was justified.

    To those who got a feature in the update, here's your obligatory ping 🙂

    @Deluxy (As SD) @WellAllHell (Heckin' spook)

    And to those who are going to be added next, here is ALSO your obligatory ping ❤️

    @Witchings @Gressmann  - I'm still trying to think up good entries for you two alongside Mahi. There is only so much writing juice inside my head ;-;


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  2. Hi Soup! Thanks for coming to add to the convo 😄

    Any discussion is well appreciated! Now, lets begin.


    8 hours ago, Bowl of soup said:

    I'll be real with you, Scouts. Are not there to get captured on purpose, the reason WHY this rule is in place is to GIVE scouts a chance to do anything, if this rule is uplifted then ICly CI are going to react by removing IC comms from scouts.

    This rule change does not effect scouts in anyway before they've been captured. If they've managed to draw enough suspicion in order to draw enough attention to warrant the Fear RP, then the Scout has already failed at one part of their job. Simply put, the RP ends right then and there in most occasions should a Scout get found out. This suggestion, hopefully aims to prevent RP from ending EXACTLY at the moment of capture to the few odd scouts that Don't notice they're being surrounded. If they fail to realize this, under the current rules, once someone tries anything, they could easily pull a gun and shoot.


    This doesn't really encourage RP at all.


    Moving onto the ICly removing comms from CI Scouts. If you all want to do this, by all means, it's in character. Basically, your compartmentalized and separated CI comm would hardly be effected should a scout gets captured. Foundation deals with communication breaches almost on a daily, CI could deal with it too if it were to occur.

    8 hours ago, Bowl of soup said:

    And that's part of it, you guys already have tons of ways to arrest / capture them, You just need to think outside of the box, First of all waiting for the scout to spend there 13 bullets on a Enforcer or a personnel with an average amount of armor can do the trick, Grabbing & cuffing them w/ a /me as there reloading is VALID.

    As of right now, there is only one way to capture a scout and that is to place them in restraints before they shoot. However, randomly tazing or tackle binding them is extremely dry and untactful.  It doesn't promote RP and instead leaves the capture feeling horribly stale for both sides, as all that happened was a bind press. Thinking out of the box, doesn't factor in the fact that at any time, a Scout could easily whip out his gun, void any amount of guns pointed at him and shoot, knowing he'll die. 

    Why would an arresting officer willingly put himself in the line of fire, when combat has already started? Scouts who also have a security related disguise, also have better weaponry than what they started with. 



    8 hours ago, Bowl of soup said:

    When your reloading, the combat does stop, I refuse to believe that you can reload in .2 nanoseconds and start firing back, By the time their done reloading, If you play it correctly and there is no cover, You should be able to apprehend the scout.

    This is not rp. This is the exact thing we're trying to prevent and work around.  If it were customized, maybe, but the fact of the matter is, this does not promote rp in the slightest. Instead, it just promotes combat. There is no rule, that if you want to flavor your apprehension of someone, that they need to stop firing while you're typing. This leaves it all up to binds, which again, are dry and stale.


    8 hours ago, Bowl of soup said:

    The main & overall reason the rule is in place is to prevent random & invalid security checks that might happen,

    I would argue that this is false, purely because of Rule 2, Section 1, under General Rules & Regulation. AKA, metagaming is already a separate offense. People shouldn't be punished for attempting to make a scout fear for his life, when they've actively investigated, cornered him, and taken all steps to ensure his capture in the first place. 


    8 hours ago, Bowl of soup said:

    This and the fact of scouts have 3 job slots. Not 4 or 5, 3. This meaning that scouts have to face on a average day on the server (65-83+ players mind you) and most if not more than half of the server playing foundation, that is a HUGE  disadvantage for them.

    We've already discussed this previously, please read up on the previous comments in the thread. We've already agreed that flat out removal of Fear RP immunity isn't fit of Scouts, and that they should have their own subsection, with 3 Guns to 4 Guns being their threshold of fear.


    8 hours ago, Bowl of soup said:

    With that being said; Scouts can sometimes be forced into situations where they have received important tasks & the security is incredibly tight within foundation, You your self Jennifer have made a operation for gensec in the past which was called "Code sulfur" this being a major amount of gensec would mobilize and survey the ENTIRE lower EZ area, LCZ area, and the GLCZ area.

    Soup. This code is for a CI raids, not scouts. ;-; Nor have I seen anyone in GENSEC use this code during my whole time back. Using this code to hunt down scouts, is the wrong use of it, and I personally have never seen it used for that reason. Please tell me no one used it like this, I'll cry.


    8 hours ago, Bowl of soup said:

    The last thing I have is  Scouts are trained ICly to be brainwashed insurgents for the chaos insurgency. Meaning they really don't care for death.

    I would argue that this alone says a ton about the current state of Roleplay for Scouts. If they are all brainwashed, mindless soldiers, then what character development is there to be had? What risks do they have for going into the Foundation as a player in the server? After all, I'd consider brainwashed characters throwaways unless this brainwashing happened In Character.


    Is capture really the end for a Scout Character? Should you all discourage captures with rules instead of rp? That's the discussion we're having here. I want to help encourage roleplay with Scouts, and telling them they're 'Mindless drones' only will encourage lack of RP from scouts. Although brainwashed people make great soldiers who can shoot things, having someone like that try to blend in, is a recipe for disaster. 


    All in all tho, thanks for providing your opinion 😄 If you wanna keep discussing this then by all means lets keep going. 

    ❤️ Soup, you're cool for coming to even reply here after the few days of inactivity on this thread either way ❤️ 

  3. Arresting Agent's Full Name: SA QRT SSGT "Canary" 

    Date of Arrest: 4/21/2021

    Arrested Person's Full Name: Engineer Hugo Lanchester

    Reason For Arrest: Gross Misconduct (Felony), Unlawful Operation Without Permission (SCP-294 & SCP-079), Failure to Comply (Resisting Arrest)

    Witnesses: GENSEC CPT 'Moothic', SA QRT SSGT "Canary", GENSEC MSGT Lilia Mendez, GENSEC SFC Semen Semenchenko (Saw only the First drink,) & SM CPL "Samurai".

    Detailed Description of ActionsAfter receiving a verbal warning to stop giving Class D's drinks from SCP-294, Engineer Hugo went on to perform the action again in haste after around ten minutes. Once he was told to stop and come and talk to Site Agents, he resisted arrest and an AoS was called on him by GENSEC CPT Moothic. While resisting arrest, he ran all the way to SCP-079's chamber, openly entering the control room with his equipment still on before dropping it and running into SCP-079's main chamber. He was apprehended inside and openly admitted to being guilty, before moments later refusing, saying that he was 'Innocent' despite a numerous amount of witnesses to his behavior.

    Recommended Punishment: Job Demotion. They abused their clearance by accessing both SCP-294 & SCP-079 without proper reason, as sharing drinks with D Class sets a very dangerous precident.

    Has This Person's Actions Broken Server Rules?: No, this seemed all in character.

  4. 10 minutes ago, Abu said:

    How would it not be the end for a scout? The most likely reason you have dealt with scouts doing this is because once a scout has been found out they're only option is to either start shooting or immediately get captured. If you make it that they can be FearRPed then they will only have the option of being captured as there's nothing they'll be able to do in the scenario since if they're already pointing guns at you which they most likely will be then there's literally nothing you can do which only further goes against your point that they're not screwed if they've been found out.

    This has already been addressed while I was talking with Zaur. The Fear RP rules should definitely be modified if they are to implemented, because scouts are most certainty different. As well, it is your job as a scout to understand when you're being cornered. If you fail to see signs and end up getting captured because of it, then you've failed at your job. 

    In current Fear RP rules, if you start combat, you do not need to abide by Fear RP. If you, as a scout, notice you're being apprehended before they get you completely fearing for your life, then by all means, shoot to kill. However, if you're put into a situation, when three people have their guns trained on you because the person questioning you decided to call for backup and you didn't notice, then why should the Site Agent or person calling for backup be punished? 

    The scout made the error of not maintain situational awareness, and in turn, got himself surrounded and under Fear RP. Fear RP shouldn't be the case of someone running at you, shouting FEAR RP FEAR RP. No, it's not that. It's the implication, that if you do something, you'll die from it. The implication of having multiple guns pointed at you, while someone tells you to hold out your hands, because you're being brought in for a few questions, is what Fear RP is.


    14 minutes ago, Abu said:

    As an officer in CI I have always received multiple reports about how a scout has been captured and most of the time when I ask the scout what happened during their interrogation (OOC wise) they just say they had their communications stolen and were executed immediately afterwards. The reason why scouts aren't interrogated is because the foundation knows that scouts aren't that valuable in terms of knowledge and that they know literally no information or at least nothing significant that they would care about.

    But, this again, is something that can only be changed with time and effort. The reason for this suggestion is to provide the discourse in order to bring these sorts of issues to light, while also pushing for change. As while scouts may not have valuable knowledge, they themselves and their equipment are valuable, and even something as simple as sending them back unharmed is a valuable bartering chip for future negotiations.


    14 minutes ago, Abu said:

    If your priority is to keep the detaining officer safe you would be better off apprehending the armed security risk who will more likely then not shoot you the second they have the chance to rather then walking up to them and simply questioning them with some guards with you as it's the equivalent of choosing to either giving a lion it's food while it's in a cage or having it out on an open field and trying to feed it while having people nearby ready to shoot it if it tries to attack you as both options will still lead to your target being either dead or arrested but you would still be leaving the detaining officer at a major risk if you don't cuff the scout before you question them.

    This point sounds a lot like what you originally said. As we replied in what you previously stated, the reason we would like this Fear RP is for the arresting officer to feel safe WHILE cuffing the suspect. What you are responding with now, is just rephrased and doesn't provide a solution to what we're trying to solve. For the sake of argument though, I'll rephrase what I said earlier.

    For this rephrasing, I will be providing you with an example.

    Junior Researcher Carl, is a scout. He has been loitering outside of Entrance Zone Checkpoint for the past twenty minutes, waiting for Site Agents to exit.

    Site Agents notice this behavior, and gather four people to question the Researcher as to why they're still on their presumed break. Instead of answering with a valid reason, Junior Researcher Carl decides to accuse the Officers of harassment instead of complying with their questioning. The Agents raise their weapons, telling him to calm down while one of them steps forward to apply cuffs.

    In the current state of the rules, the Arresting Officer would be punished for following a proper arrest procedure. Instead of attacking his suspect instantly with cuffs and allegations, the Officer tried to understand what was going on, and instead has been punished for giving the scout the benefit of the doubt. He would be gunned down by Researcher Carl, as Researcher Carl doesn't have to abide by Fear RP. 

    This results in both The Arresting Officer and Researcher Carl dying, with RP ending there.


    If you have three guns pointed at you, with one person trying to restrain you, there is a very valid reason to stop and not draw your weapon. You could A: Talk you way out, as they're just suspicious and it isn't confirmed yet. You could also B: Pull out your weapon and shoot. However, there are three guns currently trained at you. You are going to die if you do this, but under the current rules, you do it anyway instead of trying to negotiate because you know they cannot force you to surrender unlike EVERY OTHER JOB on the server.


    Anyways, thanks for continuing the discussion, I'm still open to replying to any further questions or concerns. After all, the reason for all of this is to get a conversation flowing about the issue of Fear RP alongside it's relation to Scouts. However, this also has turned into a discourse about Fear RP in general.

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  5. Hey Zaur! Thanks for stopping by to add to the discussion, as I want both sides to comment on the issue. My hope with this initially was to just get one giant debunk that I could bounce off of, and you've given me your side! So, I'll gladly have the discussion with you here :D.

    Let's work towards a conclusion!


    2 hours ago, Zaur said:

    1. If this became a rule, then the first sight of an ID check would result in a straight away gun fight as they would move quickly to shot first to avoid being fear-rped.

    2 hours ago, Zaur said:

    2. One fun part of being found out is running away, you have a whole chase to catch the scout. However, if fear-rp is a thing, then they would simply be well fear-rp, resulting in chase rp being completely gone.

    2 hours ago, Zaur said:

    3. This would make it almost impossible to do a successful scouting mission, as most of my Scouting would have been completely halted by fear-rp. This would simply result in a low player amount for Scouts.

    In response to Point 1, this unfortunately already happens inside of checkpoints even without this rule in place. Let me explain.

    Within my first week back, all scouts I've encountered have 100% of the time shot at me, with one even going as far as to try and gain an OOC advantage against me, by asking me to type a /me. This really shoots down any chance of properly detaining, conversing, or denying entry to said Scouts, as they leave the checkpoint in a bodybag. This is something that I wish to change with this suggestion, but with FearRP's current Black/White state of "You're either a bambi in the headlights" or "You're a vicious lion charging an on coming car". This sort of Black/White mentality for FearRP sucks, but it might be necessary.

    With Staff inevitably being confused about Fear RP "grey" areas, like running in response to fear or hiding instead of turning yourself in, another valid response to fear is attacking oddly enough. Humans usually resort to running, hiding, then fighting in that order in the average person when confronted with fear, but this would make staff sits probably a living hell, as someone could easily say "My character only fights." 

    This is why, I'd say instead of putting scouts under the very broad "FEAR RP" spectrum, let's put another subsection underneath fear RP for them. As currently, only sections B, C, & D would apply to them with the current state of the rules. Here are those sections below.

    B) If you are armed but your weapon is holstered and there is one gun on you, you can decide whether you want to take a chance or now. IF THERE ARE TWO OR MORE weapons, you must obey Fear RP.
    C) If you are armed and your weapon is off safety, you must have two or more guns pointed at you to induce Fear RP.
    D) If you are actively engaging in combat, you cannot induce fear RP.

    I suggest, that another subsection be added so that Scout require 3-4 guns put on them to be put under Fear RP. This should give both Scouts and Foundation lee-way when dealing with each other, and a scout should know when they're getting surrounded. Furthermore, we have to have a valid suspicion in order to attempt to place you under Fear RP in the first place. 

    In response to point 2 & 3, I believe that the modifications to Fear Rp have already been addressed in the paragraphs above.



    2 hours ago, Zaur said:

    1. The reason why the Scout guns you down is to try to escape, if they get fear-rped, then it would be almost IMPOSSIBLE to escape during higher/medium player amounts for the server.
    2. I have done those cover stories before, they never work out. Most players would simply just point a gun at you, cuff you, and then search your pockets for an ID.
    3. Keep in mind, a CP is the WORST enemy to a Scout. They want to get through them quickly and effectively so that they can move on and do more RP with things that wouldn't get them caught.

    Please refer to the above paragraphs and points for the discussion on Fear RP. 

    As coming to point number two, that is something that Site Agents are currently trying to change. It is a mindset that needs to be changed over time, a good example being the previous response by Abu. In which, he tells us to:

    3 hours ago, Abu said:

    If you suspect someone is a scout then that's why you are supposed to cuff them BEFORE you question them on whether or not they're a scout. 

    This is what we're trying to change, but it is something that will change through effort and time. A person's first reaction to someone being uncompliant, should not be "Bring out the cuffs and tazer." Instead, it should be de-escalation and or discussion, before resorting to such extremes. 

    Onto the topic of Checkpoints being a Scout's worst enemy, they're supposed to be. It is the only 100% method, to confirm a scout within Site Agent's SOP. Unless we randomly stop you under suspicion and check your ID, this is the only place we can do it. But, it can also work against Site Agents as Scouts have a tool with them that they should be using. That being, false stories to get through checkpoints.

    For example, say there is fight currently happening near SCP-914's CC or even Medbay, more often than not, a Site Agent will leap at this opportunity to go and respond to the ongoing situation. You don't have to lie to them to get through the checkpoint, you just have to get them a reason to want to leave. Checkpoint duty is a boring job and this is a weakness that Scouts should be taking advantage of. 

    However, this rule change does not only apply to checkpoints.




    2 hours ago, Zaur said:

    1. More difficult? In medium/high players amounts, you can't go through main gate due to E6 spawning right next to it, so you go through the vents which is constantly guarded at all times, meaning you have to trick the people at the vents just to get by, and then slowly find a disguise which then you have to hack, which is a VERY low percent to be successful, and then extract, getting through EVERY Security Force. And if this gets added, then you lose a way out, through the CP, as Scouts will almost NEVER go through Checkpoints again due to being able to be Fear-RPed.

    2. That is due to the scouts not wanting to be a leak of information, they go guns and blazing so that NO information that they have achieved is found. If it is, then The Foundation will try to stop people from getting that information.

    3. The Foundation's enjoyment would slowly drop if you caught the Scout almost all the time, making it just a pain to get through, find what information they have, which will be none due to being a scout, then executing them. A captured scout is ALOT more fun when you pull off either the successful tackle bind on them, or tazing them.

    I would argue, that your first point is extremely situational, because there have been situations where Scouts have walked through the entire facility and have not been detected during peak hours. Both E6 and SA struggle with activity, even during peak hours. I would also argue, that you don't lose your way out. If you notice you're being cornered, it's your job as a scout to react to it in time before it's too late. If it's too late, you've messed up. Fear RP is something you should foresee happening, and even with it's addition, situations where Scouts shoot first will always still occur in some circumstances. 

    However, not all, and that's what I'm here to change. I'm not here to argue that Scouts shouldn't fire back every time, I'm here to argue that Scout's who get put under Fear RP are at fault for letting it happen. Scouting is a hard job, no doubt, I wouldn't be able to do it. However, I believe that it's intentional that it's hard, as it's meant to be a RP Heavy excuse to infiltrate, obtain information, then exfiltrate. There are ways to escape the facility that don't go through manned checkpoints, and it's all situational. 

    Pointing to Point 2, everyone doesn't want to leak information to the other side unless they're sympathetic. This is a natural disposition that comes with having two factions. However, capture of Foundation & Normal CI is infinitely easier than capturing a Scout, purely because of the Fear RP rule being in place. They often don't have to worry about capture, as if they ever get an itch that something is wrong, they can pull out their gun and shoot. Even if they die, OOC, they lose nothing but time and possible information gained. However, if Foundation pursue a Scout in their current state, it is very likely they get nothing but their time wasted, as their cat and mouse chase ends in a gunfight nearly 100% of the time.

    Pointing to Point 3, I do not believe that either of us can speak for the entirety of The Foundation side of the server. It may be more fun for you, after we chase you for an hour trying to find a supposed scout. But, in my personal experience, it is certainly not the case. Furthermore, I would argue that tackle binds and tazing a scout do not give any RP whatsoever. 



    2 hours ago, Zaur said:

    1. You say it will give more RP, yet in the end, Scouts will just simply AVOID Site Agents all together due to being able to be Fear-RPed, always avoiding CPs if SA is there. This would actually decrease RP for SA as a whole.
    2. You have to be smart against The Scout, try having tackle/cuff binds ready to get them or have your tazer ready (if you have one.) Those are your tools to captured The Scout.

    In regards to Point 1, this is just Scout's way of RPing. If they succeed in avoiding us and avoiding our checks into their behavior, then they've done their job. Nothing is forcing them to interact with Site Agents, normal GENSEC, or even E6, unless their disguise dictates it. I would also argue, Scouts do in-fact already avoid Checkpoints while it is manned, and will frequently loiter outside of them, to the point of getting found out. A smoke break is a fine excuse, but an hour long smoke break is suspicious.

    The point of this suggestion is to increase RP when they actually do interact. If you decide not to interact as a character, because of your fear of being found out, then that's your move. That's your RP.

    Now finally, the last point, Point 2. Tackle binds or instantly tazing a scout, is not RP. Not only do tackle binds get repetitive to both the user and receiver, they're cheap, unfair, and result in bland CQC combat. Beating or losing to a tackle bind does not feel like you've accomplished anything, as instead, you just pushed a bind. Going towards the tazers, tazing someone just based off suspicion in order to cuff them without any resistance, WILL CAUSE ADMIN SITS. Not only do scouts accuse Foundation of frequent metagame whenever they're accused in some cases, but whenever it is not a clear cut suspicion, things turn into an hour long ordeal. 

    THIS IS NOT FUN TO PLAY AGAINST, PLAY WITH, OR PARTICIPATE IN. There is nothing creative about a tackle bind. There is nothing creative about tazing someone instead of asking them "Hey, what are you doing over here? Are you alright? Are you lost? Do you know you're not supposed to be here?" You're skipping out on the RP that this suggestion is ACTIVELY encouraging, and that is a conversation between the Accuser and the Accused instead of an instant gunfight.


    To end this, Zaur, thank you for taking the time to come here and talk about it, alongside giving us your perspective as a scout in the matter. This is exactly what I hoped for by making this suggestion, because now we can have people discuss changes to scout, without it devolving into an argument. 

    ❤️ please, tho, if you respond again, lower the font size. it's hard to quote ;-;


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  6. 15 minutes ago, Abu said:

    Having scouts be able to get FearRPed wouldn't increase RP as it would just make scouts weaker and put them in place where they are in even worse part then they are in now, it would in no way that I can think of increase RP for scouts or SA

    I would argue it's not going to make them weaker. If they've gotten to the point of casting enough suspicion on themselves in order to justify gathering multiple Foundation Personnel to put them under FEAR-RP, then they've already goofed up. While it may make overt Scouts not benefit in their job due to this change, they'll benefit from roleplay instead alongside Site Agents and other Foundation Personnel. As instead of pulling their gun and shooting up the scene before dying, they instead get a chance to talk it out and maybe use their charisma to maneuver their way out. 

    Being found out, shouldn't always be the end of the road for a scout, yet they all seem to treat it this way whenever I've encountered them. They second people ask questions, they resort to gun. While FearRP may result in an actual capture + interrogation scene, no FearRP has always resulted in no RP. If someone isn't fearful, it's better just to shoot, and that's something I wish to change. 


    25 minutes ago, Abu said:

    it would just make them easier to capture which in most cases is no RP for the scout since most of the time scouts just have their radios stolen then immediately executed with very minimal questioning.

    As far as I remember since I've come back, I haven't heard of any scouts being captured in the first place. Most, if not all, end up terminated or escaping once they've been discovered as scout. From Site Agent's experience and my past experience as GENSEC Captain, I've tried to roleplay with scouts and their schemes, and without fail, I've always had a gun drawn on me. Furthermore, when we actually did get them inside of the interrogation room, many if not all did not bother to be fearful or react to what's been done to them in the first place. 

    Talking, Threatening, and Torturing, barely ever drew reactions in character. Because of this, in the past whenever I've partaken in interrogations, they would end rather swiftly. If someone doesn't want to talk and they want it end right then and there, usually this behavior shows that. I would argue you are under this impression, because this is how we react to this scout behavior. 

    Of course, I haven't seen any interrogations since I've come back, so this might have changed. However, I'm just speaking from what I know personally.

    31 minutes ago, Abu said:

    If you suspect someone is a scout then that's why you are supposed to cuff them BEFORE you question them on whether or not they're a scout.

    This is not standard procedure when dealing with anyone who is suspect of being a malicious offender within The Foundation. Furthermore, if we did suspect someone to be a scout, we'd wish that enough people be present to ensure the safety of the detaining officer with their guns being raised. This, however, is completely null and void behavior if there is no Fear RP in the first place. 

    We cannot cuff someone, who does fear for their life and who is willingly going to draw a gun on us when we attempt to solve the situation peacefully. 

  7. Rule Explanation



    To make sure we're on the same page, here is the rule I'm wishing to change. It's Rule 4 inside the SCOUT section of the MOTD or Rulebook. This rule, prevents scouts from ever being put under FearRP under the server's rules, no matter what their situation is. Even if you have twelve people aiming weapons at this scout, they are immune. They can pull out their weapon and go guns blazing, even if it's futile and will result in their death.

    This is exactly why I wanted to make this suggestion. This Rule discourages RP with Foundation.

    Allow me to explain.



    RP Discouragement Explanation


    Imagine you are stationed at a checkpoint. You are a Site Agent. You have been sitting there for about thirty minutes now, posted up alongside another Site Agent. Your only interaction with the rest of the Site has been Medical heading up to surface, Red Right Hand blazing they way through without a word, before finally a talkative E6 stops by. He says he needs to head into LCZ to get medical treatment and asks to be let through, but you try to check his ID. The second you try and get him to show his ID, he denies it and starts to act antsy. Both you and your Site Agent partner raise their weapons, telling him to stay where he is, but instead he pulls out his weapon and guns you down without a care for his life. 

    The only remainder of RP after both you and him lay dead on the floor are following Radio messages. A call for medical to EZ CP and a call that a scout has been terminated. It's incredibly brief, dry, and unfulfilling after sitting there for ages. Instead of getting a cover story of "Oh, I forgot my ID" or "I lost my ID." you instead got the short end of the stick, having to walk all the back to your post after sitting out NLR. There is a reason checkpoints feel so dry, and it's all due to the people we're trying to catch the whole time hardly providing RP to the very RP Heavy job of Site Agent. 

    I would argue that Site Agents should look forward towards roleplaying with a scout and their cover story. Whether it be help them find their missing ID to no avail, only for them to slip up or slip away while they're distracted, or even a simple "Ah, ya' got me" would be far more satisfying than a deathmatch whenever you finally catch a scout.

    Obviously, playing Scout is a hard job, but I feel that it should be a difficult job to perform correctly. You are trying to blend in, gather information, then escape before you end up being found out. Yet all Scouts tend to act like a wannabe James Bond whenever they get found out, immediately resorting to their pistol or a cyanide pill to get a swift reset on their timer. For the job that is responsible for HEAVY INFORMATION LEAKS whenever they succeed at their job, I feel that Foundation should have the enjoyment of playing with the Scout should they catch him, instead of it all ending in under a few seconds.




    It's simple. Let's remove the rule preventing Scouts from being put under Fear RP. This would not only provide more RP for Site Agents, who are all desperate for roleplay as a RP Heavy Branch, but it'd also provide more RP for Foundation & CI Scouts in general. I get that Scouts are 'semi-disposable' or at least they're treated as such by both sides, but it's hardly a satisfying cat and mouse game trying to get the rat caught, only for the climax of all your investigations to be over in a matter of seconds, no matter the amount of guns you have trained on them.

    But I want to hear everyone's opinion on this, as changing anything relating to Scouts seems to be a rather touchy subject in both OOC and the forums, and I feel it shouldn't be a touchy subject. So, let's all discuss it! 🙂

    New addition after some discussion!

    I suggest, that another subsection be added so that Scouts require 3-4 guns put on them to be put under Fear RP. If there are 3 guns put on a scout, then the scout still has the choice to pull out his holstered weapon. However, if it is 4 guns, then it is mandatory he remain under Fear RP. This should give both Scouts and Foundation lee-way when dealing with each other, and a scout should know when they're getting surrounded. Furthermore, we have to have a valid suspicion in order to attempt to place you under Fear RP in the first place. 

    What do you all think of this new addition?

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  8. Negative

    Allow me to explain why.

    As someone who just watched what occurred today, when SCP-682 breached twice over with both times ending in havoc for the Foundation, I just can't agree with this time being reduced. If situations like that became only more frequent with these tweaks, then you'd be asking for Nine Tailed Fox to suffer more as they get slowly punished for being on time. There are a few key points that I'll point out as the heavy hitters for this negative vote, all of em' are below.


    1 hour ago, MaskedVortex said:

    682 requests D-Class, 40 minute timer. Request fulfilled
    682 requests D-Class, now a 35 minute timer. Request fulfilled
    682 requests D-Class, now a 30 minute timer. Request fulfilled
    682 requests D-Class, now a 25 minute timer. Request fulfilled.
    682 requests a D-Class, now a 20 minute timer. Request fulfilled.

    Keeping track of a forever changing timer is only to be cause for staff sits, arguments, and overall drama. Unless this was an automated system, I just don't see how this would work without a ton of issues happening between players. 


    1 hour ago, MaskedVortex said:

    They also cannot run in circles right next to the SCP

    This is a valid tactic. If an SCP struggles to hit you while you're simply running, then they are doing something wrong. Even Able, who I fight on a frequent basis, manages to kill me when I have QRT's speed, purely because running in circles eventually causes you to mess up. Only if you perfect this art of juking and dodging, can you really take full advantage of dodging a blade. 

    A simple solution to someone running around in circles around you, can be as simple as a /me. After all, if the SCP is looking to roleplay rather than to kill, then this surely isn't off the table. A full /me duel with an SCP would be a wonderful thing, and hell, I wouldn't shy away from it! CQC combat /me's with Able? Fucking count me in man!


    1 hour ago, MaskedVortex said:

    What if 4 NTF isn't enough, and there's too many SCPs?

    Expecting GENSEC, Site Agents, and E6 to run at the same efficiency as NTF is asking for a lot. They too also have their own posts, responsibilities, and reasons for sticking out of HCZ. As much as I pushed for branch cooperation back when I was GENSEC Captain, I understood that only a certain few can go over to help. Especially late at night, if SCPs begin to mass flag up, I can see this getting really out of hand when server numbers are low.


    1 hour ago, MaskedVortex said:

    People don't really play D-Class that much because it too is boring

    The riots everyday when D Class have 8+ shows that playing D Class is already fun, you just need to know how to have fun. Even when they aren't rioting, those who don't understand that roleplaying amongst themselves is an option should know that. One thing that discourages building a character in D Block though, is the frequent feeding to the same SCP, back to back. I find that being dragged to the same thing over and over again is actually what discourages me from playing the job entirely. 

    I love D Class roleplay, hell, I made a gambling game for it back in the day. But repetition of being dragged to the same SCP will only worsen if timers shorten over time. 

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  9. 2 hours ago, Mythic said:

    // Love how you structured your DCB, really nice! Just to clarify though, E6 actually dragged me in as a full fledged Jackal Operative. I was Jackal-8 at the time and only recently got back the helmet you all took from me

    I honestly forgot o-o

    oh well, I'll count in ICly as just Jen being forgetful. After all, that was pretty early in my captaincy, least I think. This was all like 6 months ago


    Update! 4/16/2021 - Two updates, the same day?!

    The Relation Meter - More Hotfixes + Writing!

    Today I just felt like writing more when I woke up. God, it feels weird updating this twice in the same day. It's like, this morning was yesterday for me when really it was today- hell, Idk. Either way, I hope everyone who was added enjoys it!

    To those who got a feature in the update, here's your obligatory ping 🙂

    @Katsu @Mythic @Mediner @Athen

    And to those who are going to be added next, here is ALSO your obligatory ping ❤️

    @Witchings @Gressmann @WellAllHell

    Mahi, don't worry, you're in the NEXT NEXT round. (I'm struggling to come up with good ideas for my old cappy. It needs to be good!)

    @Mahi Mahi



    Update! 4/16/2021

    The Relation Meter!

    Chenko persuaded me to reformat my relationship section, to a more unique format. It will take a while to get everyone down, but I will get there eventually. I hope, at the very least, that it'll be a good read for everyone who stops by! Please don't worry about not being on it currently, as said in the actual edit, it takes time to write each of these. About thirty minutes to an hour for each one...

    SO! It'll take a while, sopleasedontstressitthanks.

    To those who got a feature in the update, here's your obligatory ping 🙂

    @Rhode @CrossBow @Odin

    And to those who are going to be added next, here is ALSO your obligatory ping ❤️

    @Katsu @Mythic @Mediner @Athen



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  12. Neutral?


    I can agree that SCP-939 needs some changes to make it more enjoyable to play. It's the only SCP whitelist I ever bothered to get, purely for the roleplay potential behind SCP-939's many voices and amnestic properties. The goal of playing SCP-939, in my opinion, is to gather three trusted roleplayers to play alongside you, to make the waiting experience more enjoyable. If you want to make waiting for your timer more interesting, think up more elaborate [RP] posts. Make it known you want to roleplay and your breaches will, most of the time be more enjoyable as well. 

    Of course, this isn't a guide to everything. Sometimes NTF will just want to get done dealing with you and move on because they're busy. It's because of this behavior that I'd say that SCP-939 just sits in an odd position. It's an amazing SCP that effects not only the environment around it but also people who've just been around it for extended periods of time.


    Negative to changing the breach timer.

    Positive to providing a conversation about changes. 

  13. Negative


    Reasons stated above, it'd be easily abused. With my experience dealing with D Class in the past when they roleplayed receiving radios, it was a hassle all together as it gave them multiple riot reasons just by existing. With the current state of D Block being just waiting for an excuse to riot instead of roleplaying, I just can't agree with giving them even more reasons to continue that behavior.

  14. Arresting Agent's Full Name: SA CPL Jennifer Grishyn

    Date of Arrest: 4/12/2021

    Arrested Person's Full Name: E6 PVT Alyssa Diamond

    Reason For Arrest: Vandalism, Resisting Arrest (Failure to Comply), and Misconduct (Misdemeanor).

    Witnesses: LMO 'Pluto', SA CPL Jennifer Grishyn, SA ENFC Franciso Garcia, SA 2LT 'Strife', and SA QRT SSGT 'Scribe'.

    Detailed Description of ActionsAt aprox 3:23 PM (EST), Private Alyssa Diamond entered the Entrance Zone Checkpoint. Instead of complying with showing her ID, Alyssa ran and refused to stop despite my orders. As Alyssa approached Floor 2's elevator, LMO 'Pluto' entered the scene and tried assisting in detaining Alyssa. It was at this point that she continued to resist, finally being subdued inside of the Entrance Zone Cafeteria. The situation was reported to SA 2LT 'Strife' and SA QRT SSGT 'Scribe' about Alyssa being a possible scout, after which E6 reacted to the situation by bringing their Private to their interrogation room. 

    It was there that E6 present found Alyssa's ID, presenting present Agent's with this information. While we were discussing the situation, we were informing them that they'd receive an infraction for Misconduct and Failing to Comply with a Site Agent. It was then that Alyssa Diamond began to vandalize the interrogation room with 12 Gauge Buckshot, after which she was stopped and pulled aside by E6 for a talk.

    Recommended Punishment: A Strike and that E6 look into the issue themselves.

    Has This Person's Actions Broken Server Rules?: No



    UPDATE 4/11/20


    I'm back!

    I added a few more likes, added a trophy, and reformatted a few things as I went down the line. I look forward to fleshing this out more as time goes on 🙂


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  16. < Personnel Dossier | Jennifer Grishyn >

    [ Level < 3 > Clearance Required ] 

    [ Authorized Viewers Only ]




    Accessing. . .

    . . . . . . . . . .

    . . . . . .

    . . . .

    . .




    I can't even access my locked files. This may be for the better.

    Today was a wonderful day. It... honestly couldn't of gone better, the wedding that is. Not only do I wear my lovers ring now, but I also have a chance at a whole new start once we're back from the honeymoon. So many opportunities and we're two weeks away from even starting. God... I think I'll just spend the rest of this coming week brainstorming on where I want to take my new job. On the bright side, Chenko transferred over with me and that couldn't of made me happier. I get to stay close. Anyway, I should probably head to sleep now. There still a lot of days of relaxation ahead of me! So, till next time... end personal log.




    Updated 8/30/20: Wedding

    Configured some likes while also changing the names. Oh, and I also kept my Captain beret. See you all in two weeks, though I'll still be here ❤️

  17. Keycards & Some Issues


    One thing I've noticed as of late is that there are a few classes and areas that need their respect clearances changed.


    Because said locations are easily abused and or accessed too easily. Not only has these issues made the GENSEC Armory easily abusable back when it existed, but it also means that certain jobs have an odd place within the Foundation. So, let's get onto the list of changes.



    Job Clearance Changes

    Janitor: Not only are all of the CC's except SCP-008 accessed with Level 3but Janitors shouldn't have willy-nilly access to both the Captain Offices, Site Command Officesand the Server Room. Not only would bumping down the clearance level increase RP for this job with them having to ask to clean these locations, but it'd also keep said locations feeling more secure. This would have the side-effect of having an increase in difficulty for CI Scouts, however, with them being able to snag a lone Janitor and gain access to Everywhere except RRH Bunks and 008, I just feel that is just too easy.

    So, bump their clearance down to Level 3. 

    Site Technician: Compared to Janitor, I feel Site Tech's should keep their clearance. Not only will they need the L4 clearance for my later suggestions, but I feel it's worked relatively well and usually fits their characters. Most of the time, Technicians involve themselves with higher up staff already. Generally this means that not only do they already have permission to do something, but often they're essential to operating the facility.

    Keep their current Level.

    Engineers: Engineers... are a more 'hands on' approach to the more techy Site Techs. This alone already keeps them away from most L4 areas. In the case that they get directed to these areas, most of the time it's under the supervision of a higher up person or due to some urgent occurring. For this exact reason and some of the same reasons as Janitor, I feel that their Level 4 access is just unnecessary. They shouldn't have guaranteed access to the Site Command rooms 24/7. If anything, they'd gain more RP if they had to actively ask Command. It'd benefit RP for both L4+ personnel and the Engineers themselves.

    Bump their clearance down to Level 3.

    Foundation Warden: For a job that has been recently stated as easy to acquire while only pertaining to watching D Block, giving them Level 4 clearance just isn't right. The only times I've ever seen a Warden use such clearance is in using SCP-294 and even then, it just feels odd for them to leave D Block. I'm in an odd place with them though, cause most the Wardens are hand picked and abuse would result in a quick demotion. It still... just feels off.

    Maybe bump their clearance down to Level 3. Otherwise, keep it where it is.


    Area Clearance Changes


    Server Room: This location is hardly guarded and is a huge glaring weak point within the Foundation. Having Sergeants have the ability to gain access to this room at random or even SA Initiates just doesn't seem right for a place that should be more secured. This place not only contains the controls for reassigning comms, but also most of our database. Why isn't this area secure?

    Bump up to L4 Clearance.

    EZ Camera Room: Only Site Techs and RRH can use these in the rules. This would just solve the problem without locking the lockdown controls behind L4 clearance as well.

    Bump up to L4 Clearance.

    GENSEC Armory: This should make room for the next GENSEC Captain to hopefully reinstate the armory in the future. This was a big thing that encouraged interaction with COs from lower ranks and this would only solve most of the issues. Make this area Level 4 access. Access should only be approved by GENSEC COs or the SC & Director(s). This extra layer or "rule" can easily be enforced in character for other branches. This hopefully would prevent active abuse of the system and allow those who abuse the system be easily punished for their actions. 

    Make the door L4



    That's pretty much it. If y'all have any other suggested rooms, feel free to post them down below. As well, just discuss this below! After all, it never hurts to provide your view point 🙂

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