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  1. wait, verry defected? that's fucking wack.

    also hi. im doing pretty fuckin' good. hope you all are doing well as... well. 

    P.S. Chenko is doing alright as well ❤️

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    2. Dog With A Blog

      Dog With A Blog

      Can’t say I’m doing my best but I’m glad to hear you’re well, hope to see you back sometime 🙂

    3. Zaur


      Glad to see that your doing well Lowe. Things have changed, lots of new Site Command Personal and alot of RRH.

      You might want to know that Wahi is now the Site Director.

      Anyways I hope to see you back at some point, have a great day 🙂

    4. Deluxy


      Come back! We all miss you, lots has changed... 

      Also tell Chenko to send me more memes.... PLEASE!

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