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  1. Reminder!!! Today is fish gaming Wednesday! 

    Better game before fish gaming Wednesday ends 🙂

    on a more chill note, how is everyone doing today?

    1. Witchings


      Doing alright, stressing about classes but that'll end tomorrow when I catch up and end the weekend on a good note. How about you? 

    2. The Löwe

      The Löwe

      I'm doing pretty dandy today Witchings, today has been relaxing. 

      I uh... do got testing coming up eventually, but I've yet to get a date sent my way so-... 😔

    3. Mahi Mahi

      Mahi Mahi


      Im doing well today, thank you! Glad to hear your doing and hope you get the day for testing soon: Best of luck man!

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