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  1. Hope everyone is doin' well! Now, random question time!!!!

    What do you all put on your pizzas??

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    2. Dog With A Blog

      Dog With A Blog

      favorite pizza is chicken bacon

    3. Flurp
    4. Witchings


      Cheese, Pepperoni, Sausage 

  2. Chicken Sandwich or Borgar?

    I'm curious

    (roast beef sandwiches are also an option, they're kinda cool)

  3. Reminder!!! Today is fish gaming Wednesday! 

    Better game before fish gaming Wednesday ends 🙂

    on a more chill note, how is everyone doing today?

    1. Witchings


      Doing alright, stressing about classes but that'll end tomorrow when I catch up and end the weekend on a good note. How about you? 

    2. The Löwe

      The Löwe

      I'm doing pretty dandy today Witchings, today has been relaxing. 

      I uh... do got testing coming up eventually, but I've yet to get a date sent my way so-... 😔

    3. Mahi Mahi

      Mahi Mahi


      Im doing well today, thank you! Glad to hear your doing and hope you get the day for testing soon: Best of luck man!

  4. im breaking the cafeteria code. we're having pizza day on tuesday now

    (i kinda want pizza 😞 )

    1. Witchings


      Just go to the village and make one, simple!

  5. I hope everyone enjoys their watches 🙂


    1. Rhode


      the watches stay on during *intercourse* ( Edited by Soul )

    2. Witchings


      Nearly caused a shootout not even an hour in. Also Rhode do be correct 

    3. Sleepy
  6. what's your alls fav soda

    or drink, cause some of you all are water freaks

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    2. Rhode
    3. Witchings


      I've really been digging Sparkling Ice, Blue raspberry lately. 

    4. Zaur
  7. notice of the day: crossbow is cool

    thank you for your time 🙂

  8. ladies and gentlemen, the weekend 🙂

  9. arma go pew pew bang bang

    1. Mahi Mahi

      Mahi Mahi

      Aye, I n d e e d .

    2. Flurp


      Holy shit its a good time to get all dlc for Arma 3 RN. To buy Base game and dlc its $46.23  before tax. 

  10. wait, verry defected? that's fucking wack.

    also hi. im doing pretty fuckin' good. hope you all are doing well as... well. 

    P.S. Chenko is doing alright as well ❤️

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    2. Dog With A Blog

      Dog With A Blog

      Can’t say I’m doing my best but I’m glad to hear you’re well, hope to see you back sometime 🙂

    3. Zaur


      Glad to see that your doing well Lowe. Things have changed, lots of new Site Command Personal and alot of RRH.

      You might want to know that Wahi is now the Site Director.

      Anyways I hope to see you back at some point, have a great day 🙂

    4. Deluxy


      Come back! We all miss you, lots has changed... 

      Also tell Chenko to send me more memes.... PLEASE!

  11. damn if only cool could've made it to the wedding 

    1. Dog With A Blog

      Dog With A Blog

      Which cool? I also never received an invitation

  12. On Vacation

    See you all in 3~4 days!

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