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  1. Welp, had some IRL stuff go down yesterday. I will try to keep active, though I am going to try and work further on my (Possible) finale for The Director storyline. Lemme know what you guys think!

  2. Mahi's opinion on gacha life?

  3. NVM, I am moving the mega event to tomorrow.


  4. I return today boys! Get prepared for a mega event today for CW.

  5. So, considering some stuff. Back pain went away, so pog. Trying to think about characters and writing out stories for them. Decided to write one for Smiles cause why not. Might do more, not sure. 

    1. Church


      Glad that pain went away! ❤️

  6. So, currently thinking about applying for a job at a vr place down the street from me. Also thinking about making a podcast when I get my PC back, not sure yet though.

    1. Subble Lemon

      Subble Lemon


      If your boss ever lets you use one try to connect to atlas v7 when it comes out

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