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  1. Hello, I am finally back after a long LOA. I hope to see ya'll alot more now. I hope everyone is doing well, have a great day. 🙂

    1. Jimmy Gardener

      Jimmy Gardener

      Cool, hope to see ya around.

  2. Hello,

    At the moment I'll be on LOA for a week. I hope that ya'll enjoy yourself while I'm gone.

    I'll still be fairly active on the forums/discord if needed. Also I hope NTF keeps pushing forward. 🙂

    Anyways have a great day.

    1. Mahi Mahi

      Mahi Mahi

      See you then Zaur, I’ll miss ya while you’re gone ❤️!

  3. Good to see you pal. You seem like quite a nice guy, everyone seems to really like you and im glad to see that :). Keep on trying to strive to improve pal, it will help you in the long run.
  4. Glad to see your introduction pal, you seem like a really nice guy with everyone loving what your doing, keeping doing amazing! Oh and also: 1. I've been loving what im hearing from others, you may not know it but others are watching. Eyes have been watching and you are a great GENSEC. 2. After thinking about it I think that you could be part of something new that were doing for NTF Tryouts, if you want to be part of NTF contact me through discord pal and you'll be part of our new selective tryouts. 3. Keep doing amazing, keeping on trying to push yourselves to be a great person
  5. Thank you for those kind words pal. I am glad to know that my positivity has gone far and wide. Lets keep on making this community the best it can be. We are all a family here and I thank you for being a part of it pal. Anyways keep on trying to improve pal, always strive to be a better person pal. It will bring you far if you do so.
  6. Welcome to this community pal, glad that you decided to make a introduction for yourself. Im glad that your trying your best to RP on the server pal even if it may be tough for you. I will say that reminds me of myself when I started the server, I used to be like that. But after a while I got used to rp, everyone loves a good rp on the server so keep pushing and you'll do great pal, good luck to you.
  7. I just have to say, WOW. The past 2 months were crazy and im so glad that I came to this server when I did. Beginnings: I first started off in SA and worked my way up fast to a SA 1LT. I went really fast and I sometimes think that was a little to fast for me. During this time I was even giving the chance to join RRH. I was climbing up and making a name for myself fast. I was enjoying myself at the beginning but with everything there is always a dark age. Dark Age: So I got promoted to the SA CPT. I was really happy but I was alot starting to notice something. I was not having the fun
  8. Like Steve said above if you work hard enough and believe in yourself you can achieve anything you want, I can say from experience that this is true. But anyway, Odin its nice to hear your story. I love your rp and the way you lead. Its very nice to see and I've learned a few things myself by just watching you, you really do deserve your position as RRH Captain. I wish you and RRH the best of luck.
  9. Zaur


    Hello, I have recently joined the community and I gotta say it's been great so far. I'm glad to see a community that is doing very well so far on keeping SCP RP alive and I hope it stays that way unlike others. The other community I lefted was in a terrible state to the point were alot of people hated the Hierarchy and idles on the server decided to do some dirty things. I'm glad to see that on this server that people actually are enjoying themselves and having fun. There are alot of rules but i'll get used to them at some point but thankfully the community is forgiven and nice. Good job on th
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