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    Though it would make sense at first sight. The decision is really up to the battalion/regimental commander, and even if they brought it up to us they would need to have a proper reason as to why it needs to be removed. 


    The reason why Doom had a previous model change was because of a missing pilot model. We are aware that the size is large but seeing as this hasn't impacted the server negatively yet, we will not be doing this change. This might be revisited in the future however!



    Yes we have allowed Omega to use their own designations, but this is also because of the fact that unlock the LORE Commanders, the don't really make an appearance in any known CW media whereas the Commanders do. 


    Considering the fact that we are already on base, and that we have a system of Clone Advisors for events, we really don't see the addition of naval necessary anytime soon. We will reconsider if we do eventually plan to switch over to a ship map, but other than this there isn't a purpose to have them in.

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