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  1. Chicken Sandwich or Borgar?

    I'm curious

    (roast beef sandwiches are also an option, they're kinda cool)

  2. Alright yall, time for a little honest post: Do yall ever feel like your character's just not interesting or nearly as liked as others? IDK if this just a me thing but sometimes I wonder if making Witchings the way I did was the right approach, and him being alive for this long. idk what to think, but honestly I really do hope those who do come across me enjoy either the serious rp side of me, or the light hearted memer. Either or, I'm trying to get back into a daily RP cycle, the same way I fell in love with AU months ago. So if anyone has any offers or just see me feel free to approach! 


    PS. Have a great wednesday night and see y'all around! 

    1. Dog With A Blog

      Dog With A Blog

      I think I uh, might be a bit biased in the answer-

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  3. dogs or cats

    this is totally important

  4. what's your alls fav soda

    or drink, cause some of you all are water freaks

  5. notice of the day: crossbow is cool

    thank you for your time 🙂

  6. ladies and gentlemen, the weekend 🙂

  7. Forum Goal: Reach the most Followers 🥶

  8. Hey guys, just updated my About Me section, and added some personal achievements of mine I thought I would never reach, and things I worked hard to reach.  I also added the video that made me join the server, and more interesting things, enjoy!

  9. I no like choccy milk

    nomal milk me

  10. wait, verry defected? that's fucking wack.

    also hi. im doing pretty fuckin' good. hope you all are doing well as... well. 

    P.S. Chenko is doing alright as well ❤️

    1. Dog With A Blog

      Dog With A Blog

      Can’t say I’m doing my best but I’m glad to hear you’re well, hope to see you back sometime 🙂

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  11. Sleepy is great person, yes!



    #BetterThanMal 👀 

    maybe 🤔

  12. Just remember. You are all pog champ. You are not weird champ.

  13. just happy to see more people usin' this feature LMAO


  14. damn if only cool could've made it to the wedding 

    1. Dog With A Blog

      Dog With A Blog

      Which cool? I also never received an invitation

  15. i just wondered, do farts make you weigh less?


    1. Dog With A Blog

      Dog With A Blog

      I’m not watching a 30 minute video on farts.

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