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  1. i think ive seen this guy a few times pretty cool
  2. This is how you post status updates afton

    1. Afton


      I fucking knew it. When I received the freacking notification of you posting a status update I just knew it was going to be this >: (

    2. Doggo


      bruh moment

  3. yo FUCK geometry 

    1. Some Clown

      Some Clown

      Fuck geometry, me and my homies hate geometry


    2. Afton


      ugh, geometry makes me want to die

    3. Subble
  4. What is your opinion on apple pie?

    1. Mahi Mahi

      Mahi Mahi

      Eh, it’s pretty good

  5. Just ate 2 glizzies in 30 seconds, they call me da glizzy goblin

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