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  1. Looking for test ideas help

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    2. Projject_delta


      I, frankly have no idea,  if Shikari and Foundation weren't at odds with each other Id perhaps think about recommending joint operations, whether they were to gain information on Shikari, or just to see some of the effects they could have on SCPs...

      Perhaps, you could work on more hidden forms of weaponry, and an few other things.

    3. Guy Person

      Guy Person

      Banana MK4

    4. Comrade_Sneaky


      Test if 939 really is made of ketchup

  2. Welcome my guy! I hope you have a good time on the server!
  3. Dunno who this guy is, But he seems HendyPog. Just kidding. Whats up Mahi?
  4. Hmmm I tried out opera GX and its actually kinda HendyPog 9/10 will continue to use

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    2. Jimmy Gardener
    3. Flurp


      finally. you have come to the dark side


    4. Hypixel


      Yes, Embrace Opera GX

  5. Henderson

    hi guys

    Whats up bozee! I hope to see you on and having fun! Welcome to our community.
  6. I got the lamb sauce imma go sleep now

    1. Jimmy Gardener

      Jimmy Gardener

      where"s your lamb?

    2. Henderson


      d o    n o t     q u e s t i o n     t h e      l a m b

    3. Jimmy Gardener
  7. HendyPog

    1. Mahi Mahi

      Mahi Mahi

      H e n d y P O O G G G -

  8. I might be going to the Netherlands for uh, reasons. But on the bright side I don't feel really whats the word uhhh "upset" my coughing is gone and I feel much better

    1. Samuell Hayden

      Samuell Hayden

      understandable have a nice time

    2. Guy Person

      Guy Person

      Hope you enjoy it

  9. when will someoen grade my test repoprt its been liek a month guys pls send help they got me at gun point oh god help me jk hhaha hendypog monkle yes yes

  10. May go on LOA after I do a science project, gotta focus on school and all that 

  11. Sometimes I wonder if im going to turn into a furry out of the blue, like just wake up and all the sudden: I wonder what its like to be one of those guys, I mean im not even sure if its bad or not like someone help me out here what is furry and is it bad or good?????

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