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  1. Why's everyone saying E and what? That's what's on my mind




    black, over and over

    and then gray. Puzzling isn't it?

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    2. Jimmy Gardener
    3. Corniey
    4. Jimmy Gardener

      Jimmy Gardener

      Moment when no one understands what you're talking about :

      I guess no one understands anomalies capable of physically creating, reshaping, destroying timelines, and causing sever damage to reality 😞

  2. Status : Stating the wrong status



    lick the floor?


    * blinks *

    * neck snap*

    * scream of terror*

    * more neck snaps*


    oh wow, he breached

    Let's take a picture!


    * camera snaps *

    * 173 poses for picture, snaps necks *

    * gunfire *


    random CM : smash rock


    * rock flies from the heavens and smashes Dr. Bright and the cafeteria *


    Oh yeah!

    Jump out the window?


    Yo look at that cool statues, oh hey, is that a car?

    sure is!

    It's coming straight for us, oh it has a plow!

    Like, gonna hit us

    that's nice


    * Car plows through Ikea, staff farts on exchange, DUNDUNDUN*

    Oh yeah, nice story mate


    * blinks *




    * gunfire *


    Donkey Kong, is HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

    aw fuck yeah, Donkey Kong!


    * gets crushed by Donkey Kong *


    But I, wha, hu- how...

    MUAHAHAHHAHAHHA, WHERES MY LAMB SAUCE??? ( Henderson's Donkey Kong )


    * lambs fall from the sky, pouring endless streams of lamb sauce, drowning humanity as we know it *







  3. Do you like moshpits? I like moshpits.

  4. What's on your mind? Well, I like steak and bacon. I'm listening to RATM and Creedence Clearwater Revival. And, I hate salad.

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