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  1. Oh I didn't know that, thanks haha.
  2. Fax? You mean that piece of paper thing?
  3. Welcome to Atlas Seth! Hope you have a great time in game and on the forums, and I'm looking forward to getting to know you too! Have a nice day
  4. Why's everyone saying E and what? That's what's on my mind




    black, over and over

    and then gray. Puzzling isn't it?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Jimmy Gardener
    3. Samuell Hayden
    4. Jimmy Gardener

      Jimmy Gardener

      Moment when no one understands what you're talking about :

      I guess no one understands anomalies capable of physically creating, reshaping, destroying timelines, and causing sever damage to reality 😞

  5. Welcome! Hope you have a blast both in-game and on the forums, have a great time!
  6. Welcome! I hope you have an amazing time in-game and on the forums, and that you get to meet all the wonderful people in this community!
  7. Hello! Welcome to the community. I hope you have a blast within this community and have fun with the RP.
  8. Oh goodbye man. It was nice having you around in the community. Hope you do well in college soon man. Good luck, and stay safe!
  9. Welcome Mike! I hope you have an amazing time on the server and achieve your rank of janitor! Maybe I'll see you in-game in the future, also nice picture man.
  10. Well even though it's late, welcome to the community! Hope you continue to have a great time here man!
  11. Welcome Incue Bae! I hope you have a blast in the community and a great time on the server! Also if you want to make a more detailed character file you can do it in the roleplay database section! See you in game soon!
  12. Welcome man! I've seen you around a bit. I hope you have a great time on the server l because the community's amazing. Hope to see you more in game!
  13. Welcome Jacob! I hope you have an amazing time on this server! I've seen you around a lot and you're a pretty poggers guy. I'm looking forward to interacting with your character more so I hope to see you soon!
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