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  1. Pepperidge farm cookies are some of the best, they're crunchy and also just slightly chocolatey, it's very good
  2. I wasn't here when you were around but... YEAH BABY, THAT'S WHAT I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR! In all seriousness though, it's nice to have another OG dude come back to AU.
  3. Goddamn, you were one of the chillest people in and out of character and even my character who HATES RRH likes you, so it's really sad to see you go. I hope you go on to do great things my man, godspeed!
  4. Hi there! Now, to preface, I got into this group because of a good friend of mine who's moved onto a different game entirely, but hey, I still remain! You may know me as one of my MANY characters: In CI we have my SGT Regards Nome/"Vulcan" and RND Dr. Heckyll Jive In foundation we have characters that I barely play anymore, like my Senior Researcher, Dr. Kleiner Keralis, my GENSEC PFC Kuben Blisk, my SA Sikorsky Anatov, and my surgeon/SM Dr. Toto Steiner. But, the one you probably know me as (or the one I want you to know me as) is NTF MSGT "Legatus", or Cayde Uldren.
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