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  1. Welcome to the gang
  2. Welcome to AU! Hope you have fun here
  3. Welcome to the community! Hope you have a ton of fun, if you ever have any questions don't be afraid to shoot me a dm!
  4. Welcome to the community! For some reason I nearly said Congrats? Lmfao.
  5. Welcome to the community! I hope you have fun and if you ever need help just let us know!
  6. Just saw this, but welcome! I have already made some contact with you and you seem like a nice individual.
  7. Welcome to the community, I'm glad that you really like the server. Hope you have a great time here in AU!
  8. Welcome to the community! I hope you have fun here, hopefully you have had tons of fun already!
  9. Welcome to the community, I hope you have fun here. You will meet some very friendly people!
  10. Welcome back, haven't had the chance to be able to speak to you once before yet but its good to see that you came back.
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