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  1. Love it, but ya' might wanna reevaluate that diagnosis, friend ♡
  2. Hullo and thank yoooou!! And yeah,i guess if your from CI, ya havent seen much of me yet. I havent done much with CI other then helping out with raids when they break in. I really hope to change that soon tho!! But thanks none the less!! P.S. my icon is from a Transformers Comic before in a nerd for robots and aliens ',bfbdbrhebdbd
  3. JXHDBRBT LMAO IM SO SORRY ABOUT THAT I guess i need more target practice that isn't like an actual person Either way, thanks for the welcome ♡♡♡♡
  4. I'm kind of bad at introductions so here we gooooo! Hi hi hello there! My name is WellAllHell but you might know me better as the dumbass GENSEC guard named Candy Corn! Compared to most of y'all who have been wandering around the here, I'm fairly new. In fact, I've never actually used these forums before and I've only joined the SCP server in late September. To that, I say hi once more! When I first ran into AU I didn't actually intend on staying too long. I figured the whole server and discord was going to be a one off shit-show filled to the brim with chaotic bullshitty and scre
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