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  1. Big Aqui more like Big Weeb uwu
  2. So this could be either 1.You dont have enough space in your drive 2. The files did not load correctly Answer: I'd advise visiting : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2192933272 : Download these files they are for gmod and should help
  3. This issue usually happens in either when 1. Your headset had fallen and landed on the microphone piece which will cause it to break up due to wiring or the foundation of the mic being disrupted by the fall. 2. Age of mic, like everything mics age so if its old this might be the issue 3. last and I would say the least likely is a in game issue and what you will want to do is check console to make sure no addons/game related contents are intruding/disrupting mic audio.
  4. Check your files and make sure you have enough space for the addons
  5. If you are a windows user try to quit steam using your access bar at the bottom of the rows of pinned apps then restart your PC After this is done start steam and try it again
  6. Reset your addons and goto the steam workshop
  7. @Aquaravioli Try remaking it and if that fails restart the game.
  8. Hello! Welcome to Atlas Uprising! If you haven't played much in the server allow me to tell you the general vibe of atlas! We are a community that strives to secure , assure and preserve a good RP environment. So if you love to RP you are gonna have a blast on this server! We also are a community of certain of etiquette, we heavily discourage toxicity or trolly behaviors toward ANY of our members. So if you would like a safe and secure space to roleplay with other people you have found it. There is so much more to this community beyond this text and I hope you are soon to see it!
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