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  1. Hello everyone! Today we're creating a poll in order to create some new emotes for our Discord and Forums. We need your help deciding on the new emotes and we compiled a list of 20 characters, people, and figures.
  2. If you purchased Atlas Nitro for Garry's Mod then you will not receive Nitro benefits on Minecraft. Minecraft will have its own Nitro rank.
  3. In order to maintain the security of our Members we have taken a new measure with our forums security. We will now no longer allow logins using Display name. It will now only be Email based.
  4. soup95


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       yee man ecttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

  5. Mal

    Forum Update

    Many style changes 'Topic Starter' tag. Updated Spam Defense We had like 20+ people flood the forums last night lmao Other quality of life changes. Badge System
  6. Kaleb

    Excuse me mal

  7. Mal

    New Branding

    © 2020 Atlas Uprising Logo can only be used for Atlas Uprising community related projects such as documents, videos, or pictures.
  8. You must meet the following criteria: 150+ Content/Posts 30+ Reputation
  9. Section 1 - General Rules Do not post spam. Ads Emojis Random Text Useless Post Do not harass or bully members. Do not disrespect any member. Do not mention other community names. Only use links allowed by section 2. Racism is not tolerated. Do not use glitches or exploits to your advantage. You cannot post as a guest. Do not use offensive, political, or derogatory display names. Section 2 - Allowed Links scp.gg - Atlas Uprising scprp.io - Atlas Uprising scpwiki.com - SCP Wiki docs.google.com - Google Inc imgur.com - Imgur LLC steamcommunity.com - Valve discord.gg - Discord Inc discord.com - Discord Inc theatlasuprising.com - Atlas Uprising streamable.com - Streamable youtube.com - Google Inc milrp.com - Atlas Uprising Section 3 - Roleplay In order to talk Out-of-Character use OOC = // Using information not knowledgeable by your character is not allowed.
  10. Mal

    Community Rules

    If you do not like the way the view feels you can view it here - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1--kEqlvoiUk0LJuX67J5XBysZOC3U00pFqL--pomTUk/edit?usp=sharing
  11. If any information stated is not correct or is outdated please notify me for change!
  12. Atlas Uprising Covid-19 Update When we first put out a Covid-19 post we never knew what was to come later. At the time of that post, there were maybe 3 million cases. Unfortunately at the time of this post, there is 16 million and that number is rapidly increasing. We now have more information to help fend off the virus and that is what this post mainly is for. It seems as if schools are looking to reopen, this topic is very debatable between many opinions but the government, at least in the US is going forward with the idea. We hope everyone stays safe or opts into online education as an alternative learning program. With this in mind, Atlas Uprising wants to move closer into making sure our servers stay a happy place that you can rest your mind after a hard day at school, work, etc. Cases(Live) Useful Information United States(CDC) COVID Cases General COVID Information Getting Sick Prevention Methods Going Out Europe(ECDC) COVID Cases General COVID Information United Kingdom(NHS) COVID Cases General COVID Information COVID Info for Scotland, Wales, or Northern Ireland Canada(HC) COVID Cases General COVID Information Global Information How to make a cloth face mask
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