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  1. Delete your Cache, Download, Downloads folders and this typically fixes the issue.
  2. Try disabling one of each three settings and rebooting your game each time to find the cause. You can test it in singleplayer by typing 'voice_loopback 1' and hear yourself.
  3. soup95


    1. soup95
    2. Hypixel
    3. soup95


       yee man ecttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

  4. Download our content pack for the server which can be found at https://scp.gg/content.html
  5. !fps is your best bet in-game. GMod is an old game so it runs bad by default.
  6. This guy used demote people.
  7. Mal

    Forum Update

    Many style changes 'Topic Starter' tag. Updated Spam Defense We had like 20+ people flood the forums last night lmao Other quality of life changes. Badge System
  8. Kaleb

    Excuse me mal

  9. Mal

    New Branding

    © 2020 Atlas Uprising Logo can only be used for Atlas Uprising community related projects such as documents, videos, or pictures.
  10. Mal

    Need help

    1st: Please contact executive management in our Teamspeak server when you have the chance to resolve this issue. IP - ts.theatlasuprising.com 2nd: Toggle the draw shadows option in your C Menu under the Drawing tab. (Demonstrated below)
  11. You must meet the following criteria: 150+ Content/Posts 30+ Reputation
  12. Section 1 - General Rules Do not post spam. Ads Emojis Random Text Useless Post Do not harass or bully members. Do not disrespect any member. Do not mention other community names. Only use links allowed by section 2. Racism is not tolerated. Do not use glitches or exploits to your advantage. You cannot post as a guest. Do not use offensive, political, or derogatory display names. Section 2 - Allowed Links scp.gg - Atlas Uprising scprp.io - Atlas Uprising scpwiki.com - SC
  13. Mal

    Community Rules

    If you do not like the way the view feels you can view it here - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1--kEqlvoiUk0LJuX67J5XBysZOC3U00pFqL--pomTUk/edit?usp=sharing
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