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  1. Section 1 - General Rules Do not post spam. Ads Emojis Random Text Useless Post Do not harass or bully members. Do not disrespect any member. Do not mention other community names. Only use links allowed by section 2. Racism is not tolerated. Do not use glitches or exploits to your advantage. You cannot post as a guest. Do not use offensive, political, or derogatory display names. Section 2 - Allowed Links scp.gg - Atlas Uprising scprp.io - Atlas Uprising scpwiki.com - SCP Wiki docs.google.com - Google Inc imgur.com - Imgur LLC steamcommunity.com - Valve discord.gg - Discord Inc discord.com - Discord Inc theatlasuprising.com - Atlas Uprising streamable.com - Streamable youtube.com - Google Inc milrp.com - Atlas Uprising Section 3 - Roleplay In order to talk Out-of-Character use OOC = // Using information not knowledgeable by your character is not allowed.
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