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  3. Question: Is it possible that there will be a way for civilians to RP more like cooking food in the future? SteamID (ex. STEAM_0:1:201785441):STEAM_0:0:137877820 Discord (ex. .●.#2451):dmc112#1576 Preferred Server (CW or SCP):SCP
  4. Question - When did senior security guards get a shotgun (its very nice)??? SteamID (ex. STEAM_0:1:201785441): STEAM_0:1:449444512 Discord (ex. .●.#2451): Jador#5696 Preferred Server (CW or SCP): CW RP
  5. SteamID (ex. STEAM_0:1:201785441):STEAM_0:1:105078791 Discord (ex. .●.#2451):Flint Eastwood#8008 Preferred Server (CW or SCP):CW
  6. Yesterday
  7. SteamID: STEAM_0:0:215041389 Discord: ninja_penguin16#2696 Preferred Server (CW or SCP): SCP
  8. SteamID (ex. STEAM_0:1:201785441): STEAM_0:1:181005929 Discord (ex. .●.#2451): Comrade Box#1678 Preferred Server (CW or SCP) CW Question - Is there going to be more more playable factions other than just GAR and Ordo on the server
  9. {-SteamID:STEAM_0:1:226982920-} {-Discord: Spycrab#5051-} {-Preferred Servers: CW-}
  10. SteamID (ex. STEAM_0:1:201785441): STEAM_0:1:73026914 Discord (ex. .●.#2451): Atlas Gold#2305 Preferred Server (CW or SCP): SCPRP [Though i am looking at CW. wish people were on it at my time] Question. Whats the future for AtlasVR. and passive RP in general. are there plans to add things to expand on passive RP in terms of Non Playable SCP's [Such as 914] Second Question. Minecraft. whats the plans for Another Minecraft server.
  11. SteamID (ex. STEAM_0:1:201785441): STEAM_0:0:560366415 Discord (ex. .●.#2451): setiyes#3206 Preferred Server (CW or SCP): SCP
  12. SteamID (ex. STEAM_0:1:201785441): STEAM_0:1:85434004 Discord (ex. .●.#2451): FIGHTER_GOLD#4501 Preferred Server (CW or SCP): SCP-RP
  13. SteamID: STEAM_0:1:92621504 Discord: flesh automaton#4818 Preferred server: SCP
  14. SteamID: STEAM_0:0:434802970 Discord: [AU] Kaleesh#9479 Preferred Server (CW or SCP): CWRP Question - Is there any changes or updates to CWRP soon?
  15. SteamID (ex. STEAM_0:1:201785441): STEAM_0:0:210651993 Discord (ex. .●.#2451): Moop#7693 Preferred Server (CW or SCP): SCP-RP
  16. SteamID (ex. STEAM_0:1:201785441): STEAM_0:1:200501167 Discord (ex. .●.#2451): Reddington#4271 Preferred Server (CW or SCP): CW-RP Question - If a tree falls in the woods and there's no one around to hear it does it make a sound? What is the current planned progression of non-Gmod or non RP-Gmod servers ie Minecraft, Arma 3, TTT, etc, new or upcoming?
  17. will there be more jobs in SCPRP in the future? (both SCPs and enlisted ones)
  18. Question-What's the activity requirement for globals on both servers SteamID (ex. STEAM_0:1:201785441): STEAM_0:0:218313054 Discord (ex. .●.#2451): Bigredgibby#3276 Preferred Server (CW or SCP): CW
  19. SteamID STEAM_0:0:121029272 Discord Toaster Strudels#5676 Preferred Server SCP
  20. SteamID (ex. STEAM_0:1:201785441): STEAM_0:1:458445268 Discord (ex. .●.#2451): Kerm#4296 Preferred Server (CW or SCP): SCP
  21. Favourite fart sound effect? SteamID: STEAM_0:0:156016661 Discord: Shay Brotha#6135 Preferred Server: CW
  22. SteamID (ex. STEAM_0:1:201785441): STEAM_0:0:224008446 Discord (ex. .●.#2451): hinubbos#0878 Preferred Server (CW or SCP): SCP ------------------------------ Things to discuss during the meeting! One of the many, as stated by @Zaur is the lore for atlus uprising servers! It's always fun to participate in your events, management team and anyone partaking in them. Two, interacting with the players more often, and if it's possible! It's always great to make friends with the staff team and other players of the server. Three, more updates and map changes! It's always nice to have refreshers for the map, even tiny things just like back in V6 with the pillars and the slight changes in the site, it gives researchers a great time to RP with the said items, as well as spreading RP and passiveness for a while. (More interaction with the management team) Four, possibility of adding new jobs. New jobs on the server are always loved and taken greatly from the AU community, getting some in-sight if there could be a possibility of any of them being added is always great! Fifth, the possibility of ever having new servers being shared to the public, (Servers or games such as chopp, arma, SCP:SL, and such!) It's great to have the community be diverse and giant, adding new games may spread the community even more! (As said by @deadlykiler7823) Sixth, will there be new items coming to the store.atlup.gg website soon, and are there going to be discounts for any of the items there? Lastly, seventh, that being if there can ever be a possibility of changing the MOTD rules for certain jobs, as well as(Or mainly) civilian jobs, to expand the RP playset for them. Thank you for taking this read, have a great day and I'm hopeful to see you in the meeting!
  23. Will you ever add back faster firerates for the guns? SteamID STEAM_0:0:563905431 Discord CRASH JPS#1734 Preferred Server (CW or SCP): SCP
  24. Last week
  25. SteamID: STEAM_0:1:202141025 Discord: Napkinn#1982 Preferred Server: CW
  26. Question-Does it matter if you do or don't have Jedi access? SteamID: STEAM_0:0:52788202 Discord: Possum Trash Man#6450 Preferred server: CW
  27. Discord: Moothic#0016 SteamID: STEAM_0:0:170648270 Preferred Server: CWRP
  28. Question will be answered soon i wrounder SteamID (ex. STEAM_0:1:201785441):STEAM_0:0:536407517 Discord (ex. .●.#2451):datboichicken#6326 Preferred Server (CW or SCP):CWRP
  29. Steam ID STEAM_0:0:155865700 Discord birchgod#5855 preferred server SCPRP Question: will there be any updates to the loadouts like what happened to the GENSEC LCPL Loadout?
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