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  5. Please come back 😧
    It's Orcbolg Sureiyah, not sure if you remember me, but i just wanted to stop by to see if you were active and how you were doing! Alot has happened since i've come back! Im the SA Captain now! Athen's still here??? Its so crazy! I really missed you guys! I saw Jared once, and athen on a few occasions! I hope i can say hi to you at least once

  6. Guten Morgen.

    1. Jason


      Welcome back ❤️

    2. Mahi Mahi

      Mahi Mahi

      Mornin, Rockwell, and welcome back my guy :>!

    3. Vito


      Welcome once again freind., ;DDDDDDDDDD😁

  7. Response times for Applications feel so long, but in reality it's only been so little.
    I'm very tired

  8. Hope everyone is doin' well! Now, random question time!!!!

    What do you all put on your pizzas??

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    2. Dog With A Blog

      Dog With A Blog

      favorite pizza is chicken bacon

    3. Flurp
    4. Witchings


      Cheese, Pepperoni, Sausage 

  9. Ima try to figure out this vr thing so I can come on the server more frequently for some Gooning

  10. sometimes i dream about cheese

  11. so people were looking at my profile once again even tho im inactive but hey, How are you guys? I'm just going into the SCP RP Server rn

  12. Hello. My name on SCPRP is Viktor Dragonuv. I just started yesterday. I was not aware of the rules and I was banned of saying the r- word. When the father stuck me into the wall, he literally made me cry. I asked him where to look for the rules and he wouldnt even tell me. I explained that if I was aware i couldnt say the r-word obviously i would not of said it. he was extremely rude to me and i believe i deserve a warning and not a BAN. keep in mind I just started. thank you for your time

    1. Katsu


      Please follow the format and make a ban appeal.

      My team and I will review it when it comes up.

    2. ViktorDragonuv
  13. Wow I can't believe its saturday

  14. User in your channel has been Kicked from the Channel

  15. No Longer Community Director, lul

  16. I activated light theme somehow and I'm scared... H e l p ;w;

  17. Welp, Just checked and as of actually a few weeks ago I've been here exactly from 01/17/2020..... 1year + gang ;D😄

  18. Only time I actually dedicated to using forms was to a community that we both loved and hated. it's the one where we met heh.

  19. I wish there was more people like you. 


  21. I've been apart of AU for a year now!

    1. Ausbildungs


      So you could say this is your Anniversary ! Very Pog !

  22. I have officially been in Atlas Uprising for 1 year. 

    1. DataNull


      We're twins

    2. Jason


      Welcome to the 1 year+ gang

  23. Site Tech sounds fun, thinking I might apply.

    1. Jason


      If you think it's fun to rp as a Site Tech go for it!

  24. You dont mess with biggy cheese 🙂

  25. Birthday Today!

    1. Jason


      Happy Birthday!

    2. Mahi Mahi

      Mahi Mahi

      Happy bday man ❤️!

  26. If you're reading this, you should apply for Forum Staff

    1. Jason



    2. Flurp



    3. Icepup


      hmmm, what does this say? I cant read it.

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