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  2. Going on a trip starting tomorrow. I'll be back in a week!

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  6. can't wait for VR so i can play as VR Derk!

    1. Jimmy Gardener

      Jimmy Gardener

      I wish I had enough money to buy a VR headset.

    2. Derk Berring

      Derk Berring

      damn :feelsbadman: would be cool to see

    3. JaJa


      Imaging a researcher in vr doing 360's 

  7. sometimes I dream about cheese

  8. Earlier
  9. 98 reputation, 2 more until 100 👀 

    1. Jason


      ya got 100 rep now grats

    2. Jimmy Gardener

      Jimmy Gardener


    3. Lezta Conti

      Lezta Conti

      o n e h u n d r e d t e n r e p u t a t i o n p o g

  10. people dont use these damn

  11. I got 100 reputation poggers

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    2. Lezta Conti

      Lezta Conti

      is apple sauce supposed to be drink-en or eaten


    3. Jimmy Gardener
    4. Jason


      im close to 100 but congrats

  12. Ok so my original post did not go to plan,  I do miss playing on the server but really there not much to do lately in my POV I have been like grinding the hell out of a fallout server which for some reason one of the old Ci high command are there as well, but man Gameplay wise on the server not the greatest but can be really fun in some positions such as dealing with scp breaches CI RAIDS and more, but this server is not really that much into gameplay but is more of the community cause I Swear to my beliefs this has to be one of the best community's I have ever found, and that's why I played for so long, I have to admit the clone wars on the other hand is really fun playing a trando because messing with Clone troopers is like some the funniest stuff, including I have been on the server for about a year and seen so much change and it makes me feel like an old man when I'm only 15, sure I know that scp rp will never have the loot system again (if it did I would play the heck out of it) but its fun to show up and see how old friends are doing. On the end note I'm glad I encountered this server in the first place even if I don't play that much on it still. PS (Sorry for the grammar issues)

  13. what the dog doin

    1. DataNull


      what the dog doin

    2. Samuell Hayden

      Samuell Hayden

      what was the dog doin doe

  14. Happy friday y'all! It's funkin' time. Anyways lets go another spiel shall we?


    Finals for a lot of people are either here or coming up, don't stress too much, a lot of us are young and it's expected that we make mistakes so please don't feel like your life depends on these things! A lot of you have a few years left of school so don't make this one year a massive hurdle when it's only meant to be a bump!


    With that said, use this weekend to wind down, hop on the serve and have some fun RP or maybe take the day for yourself and enjoy some other games you love Aka Below Zero just dropped and subnautica fans go play it damn it!

    Have a great weekend - Witchings

  15. It's the weekend! And it's may, that's two amazing things going on at once! For a lot of college folk, good luck with finals, and for us Highschoolers stuck until June, we're almost done keep your heads up! 


    Now lets hope that we can make this weekend fun as hell and enjoy some sick ass RP


    Also if you think you can be a good staff member now's the time to join, they're needed desperately and are doing open interviews!


    Have a great weekend - Witchings

    1. Lezta Conti

      Lezta Conti

      amogus                                                                                                                                                           that is all.

  16. Chicken Sandwich or Borgar?

    I'm curious

    (roast beef sandwiches are also an option, they're kinda cool)

  17. It's the weekend again! I hope everyone takes this time to destress and just have a good time. Also to lose yourself in some amazing ass RP! 


    I have a small toothache it hurts someone please help x.x

  18. Reminder!!! Today is fish gaming Wednesday! 

    Better game before fish gaming Wednesday ends 🙂

    on a more chill note, how is everyone doing today?

    1. Witchings


      Doing alright, stressing about classes but that'll end tomorrow when I catch up and end the weekend on a good note. How about you? 

    2. The Löwe

      The Löwe

      I'm doing pretty dandy today Witchings, today has been relaxing. 

      I uh... do got testing coming up eventually, but I've yet to get a date sent my way so-... 😔

    3. Mahi Mahi

      Mahi Mahi


      Im doing well today, thank you! Glad to hear your doing and hope you get the day for testing soon: Best of luck man!

  19. im breaking the cafeteria code. we're having pizza day on tuesday now

    (i kinda want pizza 😞 )

    1. Witchings


      Just go to the village and make one, simple!

  20. I hope everyone enjoys their watches 🙂


    1. Rhode


      the watches stay on during *intercourse* ( Edited by Soul )

    2. Witchings


      Nearly caused a shootout not even an hour in. Also Rhode do be correct 

    3. Sleepy
  21. It's the weekend my friends you know what that means!



    Including but not limited to:

    • Witchings Suffering physically (Thanks Zaur)
    • Witchings Suffering mentally (Thanks Zaur)
    • Witchings failing in more surgeries (This one's on me)
    • And Witchings trying to get more friends (For a social guy, he's pretty bad at this.)

    See you on the sever this weekend! 

    1. Mahi Mahi

      Mahi Mahi


    2. Zaur


      • Witchings Suffering physically (Thanks Zaur)
      • Witchings Suffering mentally (Thanks Zaur)


  22. 1834905724_pure-white-background-85a2a7fd(1).thumb.jpg.1746bf9e792909bad5f453b1f1375fa9.jpg

    1. Kugen



  23. I need help finding the body of an alpha one member

  24. Alright yall, time for a little honest post: Do yall ever feel like your character's just not interesting or nearly as liked as others? IDK if this just a me thing but sometimes I wonder if making Witchings the way I did was the right approach, and him being alive for this long. idk what to think, but honestly I really do hope those who do come across me enjoy either the serious rp side of me, or the light hearted memer. Either or, I'm trying to get back into a daily RP cycle, the same way I fell in love with AU months ago. So if anyone has any offers or just see me feel free to approach! 


    PS. Have a great wednesday night and see y'all around! 

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    2. Plague
    3. CrossBow


      My character is dead

    4. Rhode


      From what I've experienced on other servers before coming here, you really shouldn't care too much about whether or not your character is as interesting/liked as [X]'s character. It's sometimes a good tool to gauge if you're doing something wrong or not, but otherwise I've learned to just play the character and go with the flow of things. 

      Personally I've enjoyed the few times I've actually spent with Witchings as a character and I'm betting others have too. 

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