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  5. Still Waiting for V8

  6. Waiting for V8

  7. Real chads use Code Treb at checkout for 15% off any purchase 👀

  8. Check this shi- I mean... Check this out. Ahem.



    1. Zero




  9. Joe mama





    Use code Deluxy for 15% off on the store at checkout!

  10. Officially a Content Partner with AU :poggers:

  11. I left AU to main rust

    1. Im Joeyy

      Im Joeyy

      for genuinity reasons this is a joke

  12. Y'all heard of Twitch Prime?

    1. Wade


      No, Atlas Gold. 

  13. Registration is now Closed!
  14. Team name: Gregory Caracal Appreciation Group Team members: MegaChungus#8159 FeStIvE#9213 metal#3772 Zil4r#3269 Alex Assboy#1421 therealswonk#6305 Subs Dogey#2911 Sk1#5649
  15. This team has already been registered into the competition. Feel free to pool together 5 other players to fill the final team slot!
  16. You dm me (descent) but haven’t replied in a hot minute I’m on the team or not
  17. Congrats to @RatBastarb for winning the contest! Special Thanks to @Smokerand @Lunarfor submitting their own stories.
  18. Thinking about some free Real estate.

  19. Team: Bad Batch Vito#9375 STEAM_0:1:70097695 dullmono#3540 STEAM_0:0:94306206 NoxTempus#9085 STEAM_0:0:83896839 dmc112#1576 STEAM_0:0:137877820 possiblyabot#2666 STEAM_0:1:538680176 Cheems#1414 STEAM_0:1:510008280 Orlikowski#0017 STEAM_0:1:426134188 Team Logo:
  20. Alright, few changes. We'll be accepting 1 winner. The winner will be determined tomorrow!
  21. Got 2 players rn, need more, Dm me on my discord if you'd wanna join up ! Vito#9375
  22. Ill be on your team, we just need four more people though
  23. We will be giving 2 extra days for writing, afterwards the content will END. For those that didn't see the Writing Contest, NOW IS THE TIME!
  24. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1p3OzDawK1ps6TzTkJiGJ6D-5YxOWU5xhqJuQOpmAnas/edit?usp=sharing
  25. ONE HOUR OF SPEED WRITING LATER! https://docs.google.com/document/d/1VMEkTnt0cNZ8cXKd5kOiLGo4q5VHfq7yKLtUHkq8o-8/edit?usp=sharing
  26. 1 day left for submissions, GO GO GO!
  27. https://docs.google.com/document/d/17CyVLTLcWkGaRUDNcJ9-F8NYbnrwyhjNpTKPXfTNcbk/edit?usp=sharing
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