#1 - Unnamed Animal Sanctuary

$250 - 08/25/2020

This Animal Sanctuary was overworked and needed more supplies with an impending hurricane enroute. It was hard for us to sit there and watch this happen so we contributed $250 through a donation. 

#2 - Direct Relief

$100 - 08/25/2020

Direct Relief was actively providing aid for the impending hurricane which was heading towards Louisiana. Our contribution was made in hopes of allowing purchases of supplies and goods for those in need.

#3 - Cajun Navy

$100 - 08/25/2020

Cajun Navy, specifically Cajun Navy 2016 as they identify as now, was offering relief for the hurricane heading to Louisiana. The Cajun Navy is a entirely volunteer group that uses their own supplies, vehicles, and boats to aid the affected areas.

#4 - California Fire Foundation

$50 - 08/25/2020

The California Fire Foundation were actively fighting forest fires that raged over California leaving many without homes or forcing them to flee away from home.

#5 - St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

$100 - 09/15/2020

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital is fighting childhood cancer and other life-threatening diseases. We wanted to contribute to those families who are fighting daily with cancer. 

#6 - United Breast Cancer Foundation

$100 - 10/01/2020

In observation of Breast Cancer Awareness Month we contributed $100 to United Breast Cancer Foundation in effort to help combat breast cancer and support those who are battling breast cancer.

#7 - American Association for Cancer Research

$100 - 11/11/2020

In news broke to us by a member we will not identify to keep their information private, we were informed that they were diagnosed with cancer. We knew we had to make a contribution towards research that could have possibly helped this member of our community. Unfortunately this member passed away on December 18th, 2020. Our condolences are expressed to the family of this member.

#8 - Wounded Warrior Project

$250 - 12/18/2020

In honor of the member that passed away as mentioned above, we contributed to the Wounded Warrior Project as the member had stated this was their charity of choice.

#9 - Cajun Navy Relief

$200 - 09/02/2021

Major Hurricane Ida was hitting Southeast Louisiana, this hurricane was estimated to cost $65 billion in damages. After physically going to a location with power and internet the donation to Cajun Navy Relief was made. You can read more by visiting the link below.

#10 - BC SPCA

$62.06 - 11/19/2021

BC SPCA is a charity organization that fights cruelty against animals and during the British Columbia floods they made efforts to help pets in need. Efforts included relocation, housing, and maintaining the pets.

#11 - GoFundMe

$573.17 + ~$630 - 01/29/2022

This GoFundMe effort was made for community members Judge and Freyja who were notified that tenancy was going to end for their current residence. With the current living situation going on in the world it is not easy to replace their current residence and so Atlas Uprising responded by personally donating $573.17 to Judge directly. The community contributed in todays(7/12/2022) USD amount ~$630. 

#12 - Victims First

$250 - 5/25/2022

Victims First responded to the Uvalde School Shooting. This contribution was made through GoFundMe. Our goal is to help those who need help during such a horrific time. It's something you just cannot heal from and we could not sit there and do nothing about it.




$USD Donated by
Atlas Uprising


$USD Contributed by
the Community

Ongoing Efforts

#13 - Ukraine

$Unknown - 03/15/2022

With the invasion of Ukraine we activated Round up for Ukraine in our store purchases. We currently do not have the full amount contributed but hope soon that data will become available. We're actively monitoring this effort.


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