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Latest permanent bans

Total permanent bans: 2493

Game Date/Time Name Steam ID Admin State
14-08-22 16:33SkyfishSTEAM_0:1:42975738Commander of Chaos 'P'BannedView
14-08-22 01:20D-2638 (Bernt Kegel)STEAM_0:1:651230797RRH OP Ripley ValentineBannedView
13-08-22 22:22anticitizenzeroSTEAM_0:1:49928175E6 SFC: Joey SchlackieBannedView
11-08-22 17:21D-8441 (Master Whitehall)STEAM_0:0:7798594Commander of Chaos 'P'BannedView
11-08-22 14:44FraxxySTEAM_0:0:694615690'Quantum'BannedView
09-08-22 23:06?Colonel Cripple?STEAM_0:0:157146035GENSEC CPT Neo GriffinBannedView
09-08-22 19:45ameracan 131STEAM_0:0:209233996EnvironmentUnbannedView
09-08-22 19:37FivemaineSTEAM_0:1:110778818RRH SL Jackson HiggsBannedView
08-08-22 23:14D-1230 (Seve Fitz)STEAM_0:0:208770070GENSEC CPT Neo GriffinBannedView
07-08-22 18:49ChooloopaToastSTEAM_0:0:155761034[AU] 'Cypher' [SSV]BannedView

Latest temp bans

Total temp bans: 3068

Game Date/Time Name Admin Unbanned at State
14-08-22 13:54GENSEC PFC Eric JamesVery Fit Buff Man17-08-22 13:54BannedView
14-08-22 13:18*?*Very Fit Buff Man04-09-22 13:18BannedView
14-08-22 12:49GENSEC PV2 Nick JacksonVery Fit Buff Man18-08-22 12:49BannedView
14-08-22 11:14jessicaCM SGM Jj Watson31-08-22 11:14BannedView
11-08-22 00:16sgt nutGENSEC CPT Neo Griffin10-09-22 10:16BannedView
10-08-22 19:12Sznd HzlpE6 SSGT: Joey Schlackie24-08-22 19:12BannedView
10-08-22 14:17SouzalitzD-5218 (Theodore Kislov)13-08-22 14:17ExpiredView
08-08-22 16:14catlovermax[AU] Rain [SM]12-08-22 16:14ExpiredView
08-08-22 16:12catlovermax[AU] Rain [SM]08-08-22 16:16ExpiredView
08-08-22 15:13D-1006 (Coolman Mancool)E6 SSGT: Joey Schlackie11-08-22 15:13ExpiredView