Atlas Uprising

Here at Atlas Uprising, we are always thriving to
make our players time on the server valuable.
That's why our servers speak for themselves.


A few of
our amazing features

We pride ourselves on ensuring the upmost quality
while maintaining control of it.

Owned Hardware

Most communities you play on will not own their hardware.  

Excellent Developers

Our servers will be made with time and care for every aspect.

Positive Community

We strive ourselves on having a positive environment for everyone.


Personnel that are expendable individuals used for testing SCPs, notably Keter-class objects.


General Security unit that protects the facility and maintains D-Block.


Task Force specializing in the protection and recontainment of SCPs.


Task Force that reports directly to the O5 Council and is used in situations that require the strictest operational security.

Site Agents

Site Agents maintain stability in the foundation ensuring all units are in check and perform regular ID checks.


Specializes in the investigation, containment, and subsequent cleanup of anomalies in rural and suburban environments.

Chaos Insurgency

The foundation's opposing forces. Loyal foundations member gone rogue to follow their own ideals.

CI: Research and Development

Chaos Insurgency research department formed by foundation defectors. Discover ways to weaponize SCPs.

CI: Scouts

Chaos Insurgency scouts go in for information or infiltration. They can turn the tide of the opposition or get exposed!


Owner & Developer


Owner & Selective Listener


Community Manager


GMod Supervisor